JA Agreements

In September, an agreement between each member library and the MVLS/SALS Joint Automation Project will be mailed to each Board President. The agreement updates the information libraries received when they went online. The purpose of the agreement is to clarify the responsibilities of each library and the Joint Automation Project. It also provides an explanation of how the project works. All libraries in MVLS and SALS will receive the same document. We’re asking for Board approval of the agreement. Return two signed copies to Sara by November 30, 2006. Please contact Sara if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to leave a comment.

PLA Needs Your Help to Define the Unique Roles of Public Libraries

The PLA Results service responses have been a core element of the PLA planning process for a decade. However, there have been significant changes in the way people use libraries in the past 10 years and the service responses have become increasingly dated. New service responses will be identified over the next six months. The process will be managed by Sandra Nelson (sandra-nelson@comcast.net) and June Garcia (jgarcia@dubberlygarcia.com), the editor and associate editor of the Results series. 

Sandra and June have  ask us to participate in that discussion which is starting to appear on the PLA blog.

Welcome to the SALS blog

Let’s talk! As part of SALS’ planning process, we learned that SALS and the membership need effective avenues of communication. This blog is a work-in-progress to help us meet that need. Send us your comments. Watch for opportunities to participate in discussions about library services in your communities. With your help, this blog will develop into a virtual meeting place.

Please join us for a blog workshop at the Great Camp Sagamore on September 17-19 to learn more about this blog and to develop individual library blogs.  If you are not already registered, contact Elaine Baker.

View the calendar to see upcoming events.  You can print a list of events using the Calendar link under Topics.