SALS Challenge Grant Recipients

2023 Challenge Grants

2023 Construction Challenge Grant Documents

2022 Challenge Grants

2022 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients

  • Ballston Spa Hire Paul Mays of Butler Rowland Mays Architects to develop renovation plans $5,000.00
  • Bolton Redesign circulation desk. Add ADA compliant checkout area $5,000.00
  • Cambridge Hire an architect to draw up plans to expand library and ensure accessibility to three floors $5,000.00
  • Clifton Park-Halfmoon Create a reading area in the Children’s Library. Seating, decor and Rug $5,000.00
  • Glen Falls Hire an architect to draw up plans to add an office space, a meeting room and a breakroom door on the third floor $4,250.00
  • Granville Chimney inspection and refurbish woodworking profiles and shelving supports $4,000.00
  • Greenwich Add display shelving, move new materials and add work space table for patrons $5,000.00
  • Schuylerville Hire an architect to draw up plans to build a pavillion and outdoor locked storage $5,000.00
  • Waterford Hire an architect to get an estimate for replacing the slate roof of the library $ 4,660.00

2021 Challenge Grants

2021 Continuing Education Challenge Grant Recipients

  • Fort Edward Free Library Course at SUNY Adirondack $745
  • Pember Library Workshops $1,000
  • Town of Ballston Community Library Attend NYLA $822
  • Round Lake Library Attend PLA $1,000

2021 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients

  • Argyle Free Library Create new circulation area $5,000
  • Bolton Free Library Redesign the library circulation desk $5,000
  • Bancroft Public Library Installed Handicap Operator hardware $5,000
  • Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library Replace Furniture $4,264
  • Pember Library Painting $4,262
  • Richards Library Electrical Existing Conditions Survey $2,800
  • Rockwell Falls Public Library Replace carpet $2,978
  • Town of Ballston Community Library Accessible doors $5,000
  • Town of Chester Public Library Replace windows $5,000
  • Town of Indian Lake Public Library Replace Siding $5,000
  • Town of Lake Pleasant Public Library Landscaping $4,262
  • Waterford Public Library LEDS $1,434

2020 Challenge Grants

2020 Continuing Education Challenge Recipients

  • Fort Edward Free Library Course at SUNY Adirondack 874.90

2020 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients

  • Town of Ballston Community Library Interior paint job – second floor and stairwells 5,000.00
  • Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library ADA compliant doors in staff area 5,000.00
  • Pember Library & Museum Improved bandwidth; 1 year monthly access 1,118.76
  • Town of Indian Lake Public Library Lighting upgrades 3,996.00
  • Caldwell Lake George Library Facilities assessment 5,000.00
  • Town of Lake Pleasant Public Library Replace porch at staff entrance 3,641.85
  • Hadley-Luzerne Public Library New shelving 5,000.00
  • Round Lake Library Wiring, LED lights, new circ desk & DVD storage 5,000.00
  • Bancroft Public Library LED lighting 4,866.70
  • Stillwater Public Library Facilities assessment 5,000.00
  • Schuylerville Public Library ADA-compliant water fountain w/bottle filler 5,000.00
  • The Richards Library Existing Conditions Survey 5,000.00
  • Whitehall Free Library Fiction room & employee breakroom/bathroom renovation 5,000.00

2020 Library Services Seed Challenge Grant Recipients

  • Galway Public Library Increase & expand technology programming 9,952.00
  • Hadley-Luzerne Public Library Install Advanced Workstations on Education 6,349.00
  • Saratoga Springs Public Library Purchase djembe drums 3,000.00
  • Bancroft Public Library Programming for the elderly 2,615.00

2019 Challenge Grants

2019 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients:

  • Bolton Free Library Safety/security updates: fire & alarm system, communications cabinet, locks on front and back doors. 4,800.00
  • Town of Chester Public Library Replace defunct air-conditioning system 5,000.00
  • Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library Hire Library Space Planning Consultant to create a plan for future library space use 5,000.00
  • Fort Edward Free Library Safety/accessibility: parking lot lighting, upgrade electrical capacity, interior lights to LED, seal & paint lines in parking lot. 5,000.00
  • Town of Indian Lake Public Library Various: lamp post, book drop, community board, paint, shelving & lighting for AV area, updated toilets & hand dryers, construction of window seats in hallways. 4,995.00
  • Town of Johnsburg Library Install additional “drops” (wall jacks) for printers, PCs, etc. 1,750.09
  • Town of Lake Pleasant Public Library Shelving and storage 5,000.00
  • Mechanicville District Public Library Security & accessibility updates: security cameras and replace front doors 5,000.00
  • Bancroft Public Library Architectural designs for ADA compliant bathrooms 5,000.00
  • Stillwater Public Library Engineer review of 2010 plans for physical plant 4,400.00
  • Schuylerville Public Library Replace aging outside entrance door 5,000.00
  • Waterford Public Library Interior LED lighting 4,140.00

2019 Library Services Seed Challenge Grants Recipients

  • Fort Edward Free Library Story Wall 10,000.00
  • Hadley-Luzerne Public Library Hire a legal consultant for re-chartering process 10,000.00
  • Saratoga Springs Public Library Charlie Cart Program 10,000.00

2018 Challenge Grants

2018 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients:

Argyle Free LibraryLayout improvements
Bolton Free LibraryLED lighting
Town of Ballston Community LibraryDrive-up book return
Clifton Park-HalfmoonVidoe conference table/mobile AV center
Easton Free LibraryCommercial vinyl flooring and installation
Greenwich Free Library3-5 year plan for library improvements
Caldwell Lake George LibraryReplace windows
Lake Pleasant Public LibraryUpdated exterior signage
Mechanicville District Public LibraryLED lighting
Schuylerville Public LibraryReplace garage with small storage shed
Richards LibraryInstall interior/exterior digital recording cameras
Whitehall Free LibraryReplace carpeting and refinish parquet flooring

2018 Seed Challenge Grant Recipients:

Easton Free LibraryPreserve, sustain & provide access to town oral history
Pember LibraryMake computers, printers, wi-fi more available to public
Greenwich Free LibraryEstablish adult literacy program with Schuylerville & Cambridge
Bancroft Public LibraryMakerspace for tweens/teens

2017 Challenge Grants

2017 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients:

Argyle Free Library: Repair the foundation sills and correct moisture issue
Bolton Free Library: Implement a zoned heating system, install metal ducts, a dehumidifier, and a digital thermostat
Horicon Free Public Library: Install additional power outlets and update lighting with LED fixtures
Town of Ballston Community Library: Paint children’s room and update lighting with LED fixtures
Cambridge Public Library: Pave current parking lot and relocate reserved parking space closer to the building
Town of Chester Public Library: Purchase a new book drop and base
Crandall Public Library: Create a thorough assessment of the library’s space in order to apply for a NYS Construction Grant
Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Long Lake Public Library: Create a master plan to itemize and prioritize improvements
Caldwell-Lake George Library: Improve library’s cable and electrical infrastructure
Lake Pleasant Public Library: Improved seating for patrons and staff
Hadley-Luzerne Public Library: Create an existing conditions report with prioritized upgrades and a plan for expansion
Raquette Lake Library: Create construction documents for workspace and reading room additions
Schuylerville Public Library: Update lighting with LED fixtures

2017 Seed Challenge Grant Recipients:

Town of Ballston Community Library: New educational classes with outside instructors and equipment to facilitate training
Town of Chester Public Library: Afterschool Science enrichment programs which consist of interactive workshops that align with STEM objectives
Galway Public Library: Develop community information hub consisting of a website, print newsletter, and Facebook page titled Galway Get Together: Community News and Resource Center
Crandall Public Library: Free library by mail program for patrons unable to visit the library
Greenwich Free Library: Outreach to food pantry
Caldwell-Lake George Library: Provide English as a Second Language resources and “Living and Working in the United States” support for summer foreign students
Schuylerville Public Library: Provide popup libraries and literacy kits
Waterford Public Library: Provide library services for new senior/community center

2016 Challenge Grants

2016 Technology Challenge Grant Recipients

Town of Ballston Community Library:  Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) Project
  Primary Community Partner: Town of Ballston Local Emergency Management Committee
Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library:  Digital Local History Media Lab Project
  Community Partners: Halfmoon Historical Society, the Town of Clifton Park Historian & the Town of Halfmoon Historian
Greenwich Free Library:  Hands-On Computers: Hardware & Software from Breakerspaces to Troubleshooting Project
  Community Partners: Greenwich Central School & Community Volunteers

2016 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients

Town of Ballston Community Library:  First Floor: Paint, Carpet, Tile Removal & Furniture/Shelving Updates
Galway Public Library:  Exterior Walkway Safety & Accessibility Improvements
Inlet Public Library:  Public Computer Relocation Project
Pember Library & Museum:  Audio & Video Equipment Updates

2015 Challenge Grants

2015 Technology Challenge Grant Recipients

Ballston Spa Public Library: Digital Literacy for Seniors project
Crandall Public Library: Art & New Technology project
Galway Public Library: STEAM Makerspace project
Mechanicville District Public Library: Makerspace & Digital Literacy project
Town of Ballston Community Library: Digital Literacy for Seniors project

2015 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients

Town of Ballston Community Library: Safety/Surveillance Cameras addition
Bolton Free Library: Accessibility & Entryway improvements
Galway Public Library: Accessibility improvements
Hadley Luzerne Public Library: Illuminated Sign & Book Drop Box addition
Richards Library: Accessibility improvements
Waterford Public Library: Reconfiguration & Repurposing project

2014 Challenge Grants

2014 Technology Challenge Grant Recipients

Cambridge Public Library: Student scholarships for computer maintenance & helpdesk staffing
Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library: ESOL/GED services in a mobile and flexible space
Easton Library: Genealogy services and laptop
Indian Lake Library: Computer literacy for career training
Lake Pleasant Library:, genealogy, media transfer & history hub services

2014 Construction Challenge Grant Recipients

Argyle Free Library: Exterior lighting
Crandall Public Library: Improved room lighting in their Holden Room
Easton Library: New signage, new computer center, bathroom repair
Hadley Luzerne Public Library: Iron fence repair, shutters, gutters
Town of Ballston Community Library: Traffic flow signs, automatic door, call box