Board of Trustees

SALS is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of three representatives from each county. They are elected during the SALS’ annual meeting to five-year terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms, by the trustees of our member libraries.

System and County Maps

Board of Trustees

Trustees from Hamilton County

Jordan Hornstein
Nancy Seifts
Barbara Taylor

Hamilton County Libraries

Trustees from Saratoga County

Christine Connell
Janet Lindner, SALS’ Board Vice President
Russell Wise, SALS’ Board President

Saratoga County Libraries

Trustees from Warren County

Sue Beck
Elaine Cowin
Margaret Shapiro

Warren County Libraries

Trustees from Washington County

Linda Borden
Carol Kuhr, SALS’ Secretary
Laura Goodman

Washington County Libraries

Appointed by the SALS Board of Trustees: Bob Jeffords, SALS’ Treasurer