Bloggers, how do you manage your posts and comments?

Is your front page cluttered?  When you click on a category can you find what you are looking for?   If you are a prolific blogger, you might want to consider cleaning up your posts and comments if they have served their need (example: past events) 

Please submit a comment and let us know how long you think posts and comments should be retained. 

POLARIS Enhancement Voting Begins

No special weight is assigned based on the order in which the votes are cast, i.e. a vote in the #1 position on a ballot has no more weight than the #4 position in the same category.

Please return your ballot by courier (MVLS), fax (355-0674) or email ( to Kathy Insero at MVLS by Monday September 10, 2007.

Votes are tabulated and the enhancement lists are sent to Polaris for response by the annual meeting. (October 4-7, 2007). Voting results will be posted on the Polaris Extranet at 2007 Ballot Summary.

Thanks for participating in the PUG 2007 Enhancements process!

How hot is it?

It’s so hot …. (please complete the sentence) FYI, we have gotten numerous compliments regarding the Adirondack lawn chairs and the lake… and at this moment in time, I wish one of the chairs had my name and body on it.