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Adult Services/Programming Erica Freudenberger 211
Advocacy (Federal, State & Local)Sara 205
Annual ReportsColleen Smith
Pamela Delsignore
Automation BillingColleen Smith
Pamela Delsignore
Automation Training Jill 216
Barcodes (patron and item) Colleen 203
Barcode ScannersJoint 1
Bibliographic Record Additions or Corrections  
BillingColleen Smith
Pamela Delsignore
Boards of Trustees Sara 205
BudgetingSara Dallas
Colleen Smith
Capital Campaign Planning Sara 205
CASSIE Joint 1
Cataloging, Ordering, Processing Jill Ryderjryder@sals.edu216
Charters/Registration Sara 205
Children and Teen Services/Programming Jack 219
Circulation (Polaris) Jill 216
Collection Development Jill 216
Computer Technical SupportJoint 1
Construction Aid Sara Dallas
Pamela Delsignore
Colleen Smith
Continuing Education Erica 211
Correctional Facilities Erica 211
Databases, Centrally purchased Jill Ryder
Jack Scott
Database trainingJack 219
Delivery Pamela 201
Direct Access Plan Jill Ryderjryder@sals.edu216
Directory changesJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219
Disabled, Services toErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
DistrictsSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
E-RateSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Early LiteracyJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219
Education LawSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
EmailJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
Friends Groups SupportErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
Grants and FundingSara Dallas
Erica Freudenberger efreudenberger@sals.edu205
Hardware, ComputersJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
Interlibrary Loan – outside of SALS/MVLSCrandall Public
Internet SecurityJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
IT Contracts and PurchasingJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
Laws and RegulationsSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Legislative/Legislator InformationSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
LiteracyErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
Local History and Special CollectionsJill Ryderjryder@sals.edu216
Long-Range Planning/Strategic PlanningSara Dallas
Erica Freudenberger
Marketing/PRErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
Network, ComputersJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
New DirectorErica Freudenberger
Jill Ryder
Jack Scott
New TrusteesSara Dallas
Erica Freudenberger 205
OutreachErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
Overdrive help/trainingJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219
PAC trainingJill Ryderjryder@sals.edu216
PAC displayJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
Patron RegistrationJill Ryderjryder@sals.edu216
Polaris trainingJill Ryderjyrder@sals.edu216
Policy development/reviewSara Dallas
Erica Freudenberger
PrintersJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
Professional CollectionJill Ryderjryder@sals.edu216
ProgrammingErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
Public Library LawSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Public Library VoteSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Reports, Polaris StatisticsJill Ryderjryder@sals.edu216
Social MediaErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
Statistical ReportColleen Smith
Pamela Delsignore
State and County AidSara Dallas sdallas@sals.edu205
Summer Reading ProgramJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219
SustainabilitySara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
System ServicesSara Dallas
Erica Freudenberger
Jill Ryder
Tax CapSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Tax Exemption (501©3)Sara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Technical SupportJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
Technology consulting/trainingJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219
Trustee Education/InformationSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Trustee UpdatesSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
Underserved PopulationsErica Freudenbergerefreudenberger@sals.edu211
VotesSara Dallassdallas@sals.edu205
WebsiteJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219
Wireless Network – wi-fiJoint Automationcomputersupport@sals.edu1
Young Adult Programs and ServicesJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219
Youth ServicesJack Scottjscott@sals.edu219

Joint Automation Project

What is the Joint Automation Project?

The Joint Automation Project provides member libraries of MVLS and SALS with access to an integrated automated library system.  The JA staff assists member libraries with technical support, training and resources, utilizing current and emerging technologies.

The project is governed by a Joint Automation Council, established to initiate policies and decisions regarding library automation services to the member libraries, recommend policy, and advise the two System Boards on issues related to the provision of library automation services, including funding.

For information on your representatives of the JA Council and meeting dates, connect to the JA Intranet.  The Intranet is accessible on the web by going to You will need to log in with your full SALS email address and the corresponding password.

How Do I Get Training on the Automated System?
SALS, in cooperation with the JA Staff provides training.  Contact Jill Ryder, to set up a training session.  We offer this service year round for new staff and for refresher training.

How Do I Get Computer Support and Help Purchasing New Computers?
The JA Council oversees and administers the automation project used by 58 libraries in eight counties. Therefore, public and staff computer workstations connected to the JA networks, network equipment, and software and hardware in each library building must meet certain standards for the security and privacy of all patron records and to keep the networks running efficiently and effectively.
Please see the Workstation Purchase and Support Policy that follows.
JA will do group (bulk) ordering of PCs three times annually according to the following schedule:

When What
1st of February, June, and October:  Order and pricing is announced
During February June and October  Libraries return orders
1st of March, July, and November  Order deadline, the order is placed
Mid to end April, August, and December  PCs are delivered

For questions, contact the JA staff by e-mail or phone:


    Phone: 518-584-7300, ext. 1

    Toll free: 877-584-7301

Last updated Oct 18, 2021