In Support of Public Libraries

The Southern Adirondack Library is a cooperative public library system with thirty-four-member public libraries. Our strength lies in the autonomy of each library, which has an independent staff, boards of trustees, and policies reflecting the community they serve.

Each library has a board-approved community-based plan of service that guides the programs, collections, budget, and services each provides to its community.

The Southern Adirondack Library System believes diverse, accessible, culturally inclusive programming benefits everyone and is worthy of public support and funding. Individuals are encouraged to decide what programs they attend, and materials they borrow, and parents may choose to guide their children’s viewing and reading. It is not up to individuals to decide what others may enjoy or find beneficial.

Public libraries oppose attempts to suppress library services, materials, or programs and celebrate the freedom of expression, the right to read freely, and the First Amendment. We have a professional obligation to ensure that all library users have free and equal access to the entire range of library services, materials, and programs.

We welcome everyone to visit their local library and connect with the wealth of information and resources available.