By   09/14/2016

Try to think outside the box for topics that cross all platforms. Themes such as best practices for patron records (what information do you really need?); cataloging metadata necessary for patron searching and discovery; and user interface improvements for the Polaris PAC. Did you learn things the hard way? Please share your wisdom in a presentation so you can spare others the same pain. We also need programs for reference staff, technical services, circulation, systems, and administration. What decisions have you made regarding the statistics and analytics you gather and how has that impacted your website and the services, materials, and programming that you provide to your library patrons? Presentations on basic system functionality to bring new staff members up to speed or as a review for seasoned veterans are also essential.
Has your library done something unique lately? Tell us about it, in a full length presentation!
Do you have a bite sized piece of wisdom to show off or pass along, how about a lightening round presentation! (10 minutes)
Interested in moderating a discussion about some aspect of an Innovative product? Propose a forum.
Want to talk with others who use similar Innovative products in an informal get-together with like-minded people? Propose a birds of a feather session.
Have an idea or solution that doesn’t fit in a presentation? Submit a poster!
IUG 2017 will be in National Harbor, Maryland, April 3-5, 2017.

To submit a proposal you need to have a MyIUG ID. If you already have one, proceed with the directions below.

Log in. Hover over Conferences in the top menu bar; under IUG 2017 Conference, click on My Presentations. If you have presented at previous IUG conferences those sessions will be listed here under Previous Conference Presentations. If there is something there you’d like to propose again, you can click the Copy icon and that information will be copied to the current conference where you can edit it for any updates.

If you don’t have a MyIUG ID then go to,<>; hover over Login/Register and click on Register. Create a username and password, then fill in the rest of your information. You will need your institution’s IUG member number to complete the registration. Once done, you will be logged in to the members’ only section of the website.
There are complete instructions under the link Tutorial for Presenters right under My Presentations.

The deadline for proposals is Friday, October 28th, 2016 for programs, posters and forums. Birds of a feather can be proposed right up until the conference.

Try brainstorming with your colleagues for library topics that can be very specific to a single Innovative product, the intersection of Innovative and others, or which are interesting, practical, and universal to libraries, and which you would be willing to present on. If you have an rough idea but need a presentation partner let me know and we will try to match you with someone. Our program is dependent upon our volunteer presenters and we need you to put on a quality conference!

Looking forward to a great conference!

Mark Strang and the 2017 Program Committee