Webinar: Creating Long-Lasting Digital Prints

Learn Online – Preserving Your Photographic Images with Long-Lasting Digital Prints
The Northeast Document Conservation Center presents:
March 31, 2015 – 2-4 PM
Image files represent an increasingly large part of our cultural heritage, our personal memory, and our professional work, and for photographers and artists they may represent an entire body of work. These files can be surprisingly transient, and may be unintentionally lost or corrupted. Sometimes the safest backup is a hard copy, but color prints made from digital files are not always preservation-quality. To protect these valued images, you need to understand the materials employed and control storage conditions. 

Participants in this webinar will develop an understanding of the three most important factors that affect the life of a digital print: the quality of materials used such as the colorant (dye vs. pigment) and paper; the way these materials work in combination with each other; and the storage and display of the resultant prints.

This webinar is designed for professionals with limited previous training.  Staff and volunteers working with cultural heritage collections are encouraged to attend, as are artists and photographers. 
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