SALS Services Priorities

Plan of Service 2012-2016

All libraries in the SALS service area, regardless of size, budget or staffing have the same basic goal – to provide the best possible library service to all of their community members.

The SALS Plan of Service 2012-2016 was a cooperative project, developed by member library staff and Boards of Trustees and SALS staff and Board of Trustees.  Two meetings were held (one facilitated by Sandra Nelson; one facilitated by Carson Block) to understand the needs of the membership and build consensus.  As a result, the membership identified service priorities that formulated the new SALS Plan of Service (2012-2016).  It was submitted and approved by the NY State Division of Library Development.

SALS will provide the following services with a yearly evaluation to measure use, value and satisfaction:

  • Polaris/Automation  (password required)
  • Resource Sharing and Delivery of items among the member libraries
  • Continuing Education and Consulting (see events)
  • Serving as a strategic technology partner to the membership

Through these services, SALS will continue to be essential to its member’s missions and goals.  SALS will continue to provide Administrative, Outreach and Central Library Services (mandated by NY State Education Law).  The following list of SALS service priorities includes a list of services, the provider of the service (SALS or JA or Crandall Public Library) and the source of funding (SALS or member fees).  Please note the chart illustrates the 2013 budget distribution of SALS Services based upon the member library service priorities.

Each year, member library staff and trustees will be asked to complete an annual system use and satisfaction survey.  This will allow us to measure, evaluate, adjust and allocate resources for our services as needed.  SALS will be most effective when it focuses its resources on meeting our library communities’ most important needs.

Sara Dallas, Director

Updated July 2015