By   01/13/2017

Please find the schedule of legislative visits with our State Senators and Assemblymen/women. It is very important that our library voices are heard.
Print out your own copy 2017 Library Legislative Day Appointments

2017 Library Advocacy Day Appointments
2017 Library Advocacy Day Appointments

Here is the link to our 2017 Advocacy Guide:

According to our library advocates, this will be an important year to meet with our legislators.  Money may be tight in the 2017-2018 NY State Budget and we want to be sure our elected officials (Governor, Senators and Assembly members) understand the important role libraries play in our communities.  If you can’t join us, please share some stories with me regarding how your library has made an impact in your community – and I will share the stories with your legislator.

Please let Sara know if you are able to join us – either on March 1, 2017 or via phone or email messages to your elected officials.