By   02/08/2018

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Intergenerational Programs at the Library: Connecting Generations for Healthy Communities

3:00 PM–4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Walk into almost any public library and you’ll see people of all ages engaging in the community space. When libraries offer programs and services that intentionally spark connection between generations, they contribute to more vibrant and cohesive communities. Learn how your library can develop inviting opportunities to encourage more intergenerational connections on a day-to day basis. This webinar will discuss why intergenerational relationships are important and will help you develop skills to foster intergenerational communication in your library. We’ll explore ideas and resources that will turn your library into a community intergenerational catalyst.

Presented by: Jennifer Kulik, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Silver Kite Community Arts; and Wendy Pender, Older Adults Project Specialist, King County Library System (WA)

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