What Disney’s Leadership Strategies Can Teach Your People

By   07/09/2020
06/03/2020 @ 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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Discover the three phases of leadership Walt Disney went through to become the wise leader we remember and discover how the leadership lessons he learned, and that Walt Disney World still follows, can improve the performance of your organization’s leaders.

In this session, Lenn Millbower, a 25-year Walt Disney World veteran, will share Walt Disney’s leadership journey. He will explain each of the three approaches, the situations appropriate for each and, more importantly, situations where each is not appropriate.

The formula leaders are expected to follow will be explained. So will the three leader expectations that determine promotions, raises, discipline, and, unfortunately sometimes, the termination of under-performing leaders.

Finally, you will be able to compare your own organization’s leaders against the Disney model and action plan next steps for turning your organization’s Mickeys and Donalds into wise Mufasas who can lead the day.

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