Advocacy: Promoting the Value of Your Library

By   09/11/2020
10/21/2020 @ 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

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Many advocacy campaigns for libraries fail because library lovers forget that not everyone has an unquestioned love of libraries. Saying someone should use and support libraries “just because” is not enough. Are community members  interested in economic development or educational achievement? Are they worried about making ends meet on a tight budget, remodeling a home, finding a job, surviving as a single parent?
One model for a successful advocacy campaign, whether a one-shot or ongoing, is based on a proven strategy for winning support in formal elections. Four kinds of potential supporters are identified and each group needs a different strategy. Learn why engaging the complacent supporter might be the most important component of an advocacy initiative and how great customer service is the foundation for every advocacy program.
• Recruit library stakeholders to become your library activists.
• Ensure your library is responsive to customer feedback.
• Treat political opponents with respect so as to earn the trust of your community.
• Recognize that every encounter with a library user is an “advocacy” moment.
• Use the four-part model to set priorities regarding the allocation of resources during a campaign.

The webinar will be recorded, and is worth 1 contact hour for library certification.

This session is part of a three-part Building & Maintaining Customer Relationships webinar series, presented by library consultant Pat Wagner:
1) Introduction to Marketing: It’s More that Emails, Newsletters, and Social Media, Tue Oct 6
2) Library Engagement: What Your Community Needs and How to Respond, Tue Oct 13
3) Advocacy: Promoting the Value of Your Library, Wed Oct 21

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