After Dialing (518) 584-7300 the extensions listed below will connect you to the staff member you are trying to reach.

Joint Automation Project Team (Computer Support): Ext. 1
Barcode Scanners, CASSIE, Computer Technical Support, Email, Hardware & Computers, Internet Security, IT Contracts & Purchasing, Network & Computers, PAC Display, Printers, Technical Support, Wireless Network
Michele Largeteau, Joint Automation (JA) Project Manager: Ext. 204

Staff Directory (Alphabetically by Last Name)

  • Sara Dallas, Director: Ext. 205
    414 Votes, Advocacy (NYS & County level), Boards of Trustees, Budgeting, Capital Campaign Planning, Charters/Registration, Construction Aid, Districts, Education Law, E-Rate, Facility Consultation, Grants & Funding, Laws and Regulations, Legislative/Legislator Information, Long-Range Planning/Strategic Planning, New Director, New Trustees, Policy development/review, Public Library Law, Public Library Vote, State and County Aid, System Services, Tax Cap, Tax Exemption (501©3), Trustee Education/Information, Trustee Updates, Votes
  • vacant: Ext. 219
    Adult Services/Programming, Annual Reports, Children and Teen Services/Programming, Continuing Education, Database training, Databases, Centrally purchased, Early Literacy, Facility Consultation, Friends Groups Support, Grants and Funding, Long-Range Planning/Strategic Planning, New Director, New Trustees, Outreach, Overdrive help/training, Policy development/review, Programming, Summer Reading Program, System Services, Technology consulting/training, Websites, Young Adult Programs and Services, Youth Services
  • Erica Freudenberger Outreach Consultant: Ext. 211
    Continuing Education, Correctional Facilities, Literacy, Marketing/PR, Media Contact, Outreach, Services to Persons with Disabilities, Statistical Report, System Services, Underserved Populations

  • Dianne Winter, Administration & Finance Manager: Ext. 203
    Annual Reports, Barcodes (patron and item), Construction Aid

  • Cindy Mirra, Receptionist, Delivery, ILL, Polaris Support: Ext. 201
    Audiovisual Equipment Loans, Data Entry (Polaris), Delivery, Directory changes, Patron Registration
  • Jill Ryder, Collection Development, Polaris, Technical Services: Ext. 216
    Automation Training, Cataloging, Ordering, Processing, Circulation (Polaris), Collection Development, Continuing Education, Direct Access Plan, Local History and Special Collections, PAC training, Patron Registration, Polaris training, Professional collection, Reports & Polaris Statistics, System Services
  • Sharon ShyneCataloging & Finance: Ext. 222
    Automation Billing, Billing, Cataloging, Ordering & Processing